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I’ve been writing on the online space since 2002. In that time, I’ve been fortunate to have written a variety of content on a variety of subjects.

Blog Content

In 2002, I started my first blog in a little corner of the internet called AOL Journals. I eventually expanded my brand and moved to Blogger, where Cool and Hip, I am Not was born. I wrote memoir with a smattering of sponsored posts. Overtime, I grew until I took a sabbatical to work full-time in the corporate world.

Currently a new blog has been launched, I’ve re-branded,
I’m also a contributor to where my main focus on on small business.

Guest Posts:
Hasbro Games for the Family
Lessons from a Baby   
The Writer That Almost Wasn’t

I also was a contributor to some blogs and websites
Mommy Needs a Break – Humor

You never forget your first request for an article on a larger site:
Don’t call me ‘mommy blogger’